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Credit business management system e-CreditSoft

System e-CreditSoft - is an innovative e-business solution, created for an express credit business, which is becoming more and more popular in a credit market nowadays.

System e-CreditSoft - is a maximum automated mechanism, which provides fast and convenient management of all credit business.

System e-CreditSoft - operates through the internet and SMS technologies in a real-time mode.


Installation and support of e-CreditSoft system

Preparation of system installation:
Creation of brand-name of services
Creation of website design

Installation of system:
Adaptation of website design to an e-CreditSoft business management system
Preparation of server
Installation of e-CreditSoft business management system

Support of system:
Training of company's staff to work with e-CreditSoft business management system
Consultations on e-CreditSoft business management system's functional issues
Provision of maintenance services of e-CreditSoft business management system
Provision of maintenance and storage services of data bases
Back-up of data bases
Improvement and development of software

Additional services:
Creation of additional modules and integration into a system
Consultations on express credit risk management issues
Consultations on service brand-name popularity development issues

Special services

For those, who intend to do an express credit business, we:

Establish a company
Create a brand-name of service
Create a website design
Submit required documents to public authorities
Prepare necessary agreements
Provide consultations on express credit risk management issues
Arrange and provide 3 months long new brand-name popularity development campaign, which generates the first customer flow