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Credit business management system e-CreditSoft

System e-CreditSoft - is an innovative e-business solution, created for an express credit business, which is becoming more and more popular in a credit market nowadays.

System e-CreditSoft - is a maximum automated mechanism, which provides fast and convenient management of all credit business.

System e-CreditSoft - operates through the internet and SMS technologies in a real-time mode.

Advantages for Clients

Convenient and simple credit ordering in 3 steps:
• Register
• Select credit
• Receive credit

Registration in system via internet

Submission of personal data and conclusion of agreement via internet

Sending of credit application via internet or SMS

Sending of credit prolongation application via internet

Advantages for Operators

Automatic reception of clients' applications (24h)

Identification of data, presented by clients: confirmation of bank accounts, phone numbers and e-mails

Administration of clients data base

Evaluation of clients risk profile

Confirmation and rejection of credit applications

Management of credit payments

Administration of applications for credit prolongation

Management of paid back credits

Automatic accounting of credit charges, fees and credit pay back terms

Automatic sending of e-mails

Automatic sending of SMS messages

Archive of concluded agreements

Information of debtors transmission for execution procedures

Advantages for Managers

Flexible possibilities to monitor and forecast financial flow

Flexible possibilities to evaluate business efficiency

Possibilities of system adaptation with used accounting system and integration

Flexible administration of credit charges and settings of service plans

Management of client loyalty programs

Management of website content